Corona virus Precautions


In this time of immense concern regarding the widespread Covid-19 virus and its impact across the globe, Cleve & Zonen prioritizes the safety of its employees,

Customers, suppliers and their families. Our team follows the daily news from relevant authorities to optimize the necessary precautions and measures.


While we strictly follow all directions of the RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and Environment, it has been decided, until further notice, that :

– our teams will remain available for contact ‘on line’ while a functional spread (partly from home, partly throughout our office facility)

– visitors or relatives will not be allowed to enter our office facilities

– all sales-calls or visits to relations have been cancelled nor will they be allowed to enter our office facilities

– original documents (hbl’s) can still be collected at our office reception


All understand import and export shipments may face delays in processing. While an appeal is made to the understanding and flexibility of all during these times,

our teams shall aim to restrict these to an absolute minimum. We all need to think as ‘us’ and we count on you to make the right decisions in your professional and private lives.


Management & Teams of Cleve & Zonen