About us

Moving along with the logistics tide

As a logistics firm, we have a rich history. Cleve & Zonen was founded as early as 1934.

In the years that followed, we kept abreast of the developments in and around the sector. The arrival of the container was definitely an important event. A global freight company without containers would be inconceivable.
Where possible, we used and continue to use the latest developments for our company. And by doing so over the last 75 years, Cleve has developed into a valued logistics partner.

Experienced staff

In the beginning, there were two employees dealing primarily with freight and customs formalities between the Netherlands and Germany. Staff numbers grew quickly following an increase in business activities. We now have 150 people working at Cleve & Zonen. A few of them have been with us for over 30 years, bringing with them a wealth of experience.