Groupage through Tightknit Network

The shipping container itself has formed the very basis of the success of Cleve & Zonen. Our operations in this field commenced by collecting cargoes destined for New York and combining these different cargoes into shipping containers. This approach proved to be very successful and we therefore continued and expanded on this method as the Less Container Load (LCL) system was adopted in an increasing number of ports. This way, Cleve & Zonen firmly established itself as a leader in groupage. Apart from groupage, we offer other highly regarded services such as Full Container Load (FCL).

700 weekly destinations

Our company currently offers over 170 weekly groupage services for both import and export. This extensive network of 170 ports allows Cleve & Zonen to offer deliveries to over 700 destinations of which our customers make use in abundance. Our services not only allow customers to deliver their freight at our warehouse facilities for shipment, but we also offer services to pick up cargo on location or pre-load your cargo into a shipping container if a large freight is involved. These solutions demonstrate that Cleve & Zonen is committed to offering services that are suited to your needs.


In the warehouse, each cargo is assigned a specific location which is in accordance with the destination the cargo will be shipped to. Cleve & Zonen determine which cargoes can be combined into shipping containers as restrictions may apply; for instance, not all IMO-goods are allowed to be shipped in one container and neither can they share a shipping container with food stuffs under any circumstance. Following this process, the warehouse is informed what goods are to be loaded in which shipping containers after which the warehouse will send a confirmation in response.

Vigilance and monitoring

Should any problems occur, Cleve & Zonen will always liaise directly with the customer involved in order to find a resolution. For instance, it could be that the freight’s measurements are different to those of which we had been informed about; this is a problem that can occur from time to time as customers often do not physically see their cargo. Throughout the process, we keep our customers informed about the status of their shipments via automated confirmations. However, in the event of any issues, Cleve & Zonen will contact customers by telephone as our experience has taught us that our customers appreciate this personalised approach. Although many of our customer communications are automated nowadays for your convenience, we do still highly value personal contact with our customers.

Import and Export

With regards to export, our methods are applied in reverse; Cleve & Zonen receives cargo via its agent network, which is typically unloaded at the LCR import facilities. The destination for these cargoes can vary, as some go to Rotterdam whereas others are e.g. destined for Germany or the United States. We use our wealth of experience to streamline the import and export processes, as it is of the utmost importance to Cleve & Zonen that these work well together.

Customs documents

Whether shipping containers are imported or exported, Cleve & Zonen produces the customs documents for these shipments in-house in its head office in Rotterdam. Not only do we keep our customers regularly informed when exporting, but we offer the same automated services for imports. Should anything be unclear and if you are in need further clarification, we are happy answer your queries by telephone.

Import Nomination Desk

Cleve & Zonen has set up the Import Nomination Desk especially for the imports department. This works as follows: our customers inform Cleve & Zonen about a cargo anywhere in the world and we arrange for this cargo to be dispatched to the Netherlands. This process makes sure that customers are without any concerns as Cleve & Zonen will take care of the entire procedure while the controlling the overall expenditure. For extra peace of mind, our customers will have a single point of contact during this process. The majority of the imports that enter the country via the Import Nomination Desk are from China, but several other countries are gaining in importance too in this respect. The separate Nomination Department for FOB-cargoes is for both LCL (Less Container Load) as well as FCL (Full Container Load) and the department will keep you informed optimally against competitive rates.

Range of services

All possibilities from our full range of services are listed on our website. Should you have specific requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.