Cleve & Zonen is conscious of the environment and promotes the many facets of sustainability. For example, the company have made provisions for the users of electric bicycles as our bicycle storage facility has been equipped with battery chargers. Furthermore, our fleet of vehicles contains several low-emission cars and the company replaced its diesel-powered generator with a number of eco-friendlier gas-powered boilers for heat generation. Within the office itself we also promote solutions which serve the environment; for example, we now make use of LED-lighting in the office and we practice waste separation.


Furthermore, Cleve & Zonen collaborates with shipping companies which have to meet certain government-enforced environmental stipulations. Also, from an executive point of view, it is much more efficient and environmentally sustainable to combine cargoes in order to prevent the transport of shipping containers which are merely half-filled. Moreover, Cleve & Zonen has been involved with a pilot in which we have made use of barges instead of trucks in order to transport shipping containers to the terminal. Although this pilot has yet to be pursued further, it has illustrated that Cleve & Zonen is aware of the importance of sustainability and will continue to develop solutions towards this cause.