Adequately insuring your cargo

Your cargo will have a certain monetary value and for this reason, Cleve & Zonen can arrange for a suitable freight insurance. We can arrange the insurance with our insurer for your valuable cargo; given the possible risks your cargo may be exposed to during transit, this is certainly worth considering. For instance, a cargo can be placed in a shipping container for the wrong destination in error, but also fire damage, water damage and theft are dangers which may jeopardise your cargo. However, a suitable freight insurance can address such risks appropriately. Each cargo is covered by a standard coverage by a certain amount in Euros per kilogram of cargo; however, this amount may not suffice should something happen to your cargo. For this purpose, Cleve & Zonen offers you this extra service.

Preventing Inconveniences

Most holidaymakers will purchase travel insurance before they go on holiday; for the same reason, why wouldn’t you buy freight insurance for your cargo? Any cargo could incur damage by such factors as the rocking of a ship, insufficient fastening of freight, a truck that suddenly needs to brake or by shifting a shipping container in transit. Another factor can lead to damage is the growing trend in cost cutting on packaging, which means that purchasing freight insurance is worth considering. Some customers only realise what the true value of their cargo is after a costly incident has taken place. For this reason, Cleve & Zonen advises to consider purchasing freight insurance.

Should you require more information about insurance or other services we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.