Mission statement

During our rich 85-year history, Cleve & Zonen has evolved into a respected partner in the logistics business. During the time our business was established, only two employees dealt with shipping and customs, mainly between the Netherlands and Germany, but as the number of our business activities expanded and our reputation grew, our staffing levels grew accordingly.

Hard Work and Dedication

Today, Cleve & Zonen employs 150 people, some of whom have been with us for over 30 years, which illustrates the wealth of experience we possess. Our mission is clear and simple: work hard, live up to every agreement and communicate clearly, both internally and with our customers. These are the vital ingredients which have ensured the many decades of our success. A popular Dutch saying is ‘act normally, which is odd enough already’ which a motto that Cleve & Zonen live up to; this means we are a no-pretence, ‘what you see is what you get’-type organisation. We work hard, we do our very best every single day and we live up to the promises we make. One may regard this as old-fashioned, but these are core values that have made our business what it is today.

Family-run Business

Our customers can always rely on Cleve & Zonen as we do business based on mutual trust. Whatever the needs of the customer are, we put our wide range of services to use in order to meet their requirements in a professional manner. As we are a family-operated business, our staff turnover is negligible which ensures that you can rely on having a permanent contact person for the long term within our business. The fact that Cleve & Zonen is a family-run company can be felt in every aspect of the business; each of our employees is capable and experienced, and our company culture can be characterised as hands-on in which we promote professional expertise and a pleasant atmosphere in the workplace. These values are instrumental as we take Cleve & Zonen into the future.