Customs formalities

We Are Familiar with Customs

Ever since our founding years we have acted as customs agents; this service has been put into practice for Cleve’s clientele to their full satisfaction; clearing and releasing goods is very familiar territory for us which enables us to provide excellent services in this area.

AEO Certification

Due to our many years of customs expertise we have been able to build up a strong professional relationship with the customs authorities. Also, Cleve & Zonen has been AEO certified since 2010; please visit the websites of the customs authorities or the tax authorities for more information about the AEO Certification. These services are only a segment of the large range of services with which we can be of assistance to you; more information about this is can be found on our website.

‘Horizontal Supervision’

In 2011, Cleve came to an agreement on ‘horizontal supervision’ with the tax authorities in the Netherlands. This means that we have a relationship with the tax authorities based on trust, understanding and transparency. For more information on horizontal supervision, please visit the website of the Dutch tax authorities.